The vision advance fund is a mechanism to allow us to accelerate our vision!
Our 2024 Vision Advance Fund has a goal of $1.5 million! Will you join us in advancing the vision?


2024 Vision Advance Fund Goal - $1.5 million

  • Builds Cash Reserve

  • Permanent locations for North and East Campuses

  • Refresh and updates at Central Campus

  • Future Campuses

  • Additional Principal Payment on the Debt
Chris Burroughs (East Campus)
Chris Mantegna (East Campus)

Kevin Johnson (North Campus)
Blake Duck (North Campus)
Zach English (North Campus)
Mike Mihalick (North Campus)
Richi Boullon (North Campus)

Joel Baxter (Central Campus)
Joe Cowan (Central Campus)
Jeff Howard 
(Central Campus)
John Summers 
(Central Campus)
Chuck Perry 
(Central Campus)
Drew Farr 
(Central Campus)
Frank Siple 
(Central Campus)
George Thomasson 
(Central Campus)